Doctors work on universal flu vaccine

Doctors work on universal flu vaccine

Doctors work on universal flu vaccine

"Every flu season is hard to predict and we can not yet know which type of flu virus will be dominant in the United States", said Kelly Moore, MD, director of the Tennessee Immunization Program.

Most flu activity peaks between December and February, but in Florida so far, the highest number of outbreaks have been seen in the Tampa Bay area.

Health officials like Maggie Hall, with the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County, say that could be an early indication of a more severe influenza season early next year. In the worst cases, seasonal flu can result in a stay in hospital, and it can even be fatal.

Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, can impact anyone, but serious complications can occur for people 65 and older, those with certain chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease, and in pregnant women and young children, according to the CDC. Australia had a late flu season with mostly an H3N2 strain. Thank you for protecting my loved ones and yours by getting the flu shot! In order to prevent the virus, people often get the flu shot.

What's more, American vaccine manufacturers look at the strain hitting Australia when producing the vaccines for the USA, but that strain can mutate within the six to eight months the US industry needs to produce the vaccines. That's based on the data gathered in Australia.

Last year's vaccine was 39% failproof when it comes to all flu viruses and just 32% effective against the H3N2 strains.

Every year the CDC works with other world health leaders to try to predict which dead flu viruses attacking other people across the world will make it to the United States. If you do still get the flu even after your flu shot, it isn't because of the vaccine itself.

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Doctors at the University of Kansas Health System say we're still probably years away from that because the virus itself continually changes.

H1N1, not surprisingly, still rings a bell with many people from the fall of 2009 scare, and all the clinics that were set up to get last-minute vaccine to children and those at risk as soon as possible.

It usually takes between one and three days for flu symptoms to develop after catching the virus. "This means it reduces the chance of coming down with the flu, or if you're someone who does get the flu, it lessens the likelihood you'll get very sick from the flu", said Dieckhaus.

A flu shot contains either an inactive flu virus (that can not infect you) or no flu virus at all. But in light of the spike and flu cases this year, how close are they?

MedExpress Urgent Care, which has 19 offices in Virginia, including one in Marion and another in Bluefield, Va., reported "seeing higher-than-usual rates of flu-like illnesses, especially in Virginia".

Kent County Council Director of Public Health, Andrew Scott-Clark said: "It is particularly important that we reach parents and make sure children are protected as they can easily spread the illness among their friends and family".

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