Google to axe YouTube on Amazon Fire TV sticks

Google to axe YouTube on Amazon Fire TV sticks

Google to axe YouTube on Amazon Fire TV sticks

A tit for tat between the two tech giants just reached a new level, with Google announcing Wednesday it is restricting YouTube access on Amazon products, since Amazon doesn't sell Google's products.

Google also pulled YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show, Amazon's new Echo voice-assisted speaker with a color video display.

The dispute initially led to Google's removal of YouTube from the Echo Show, but the app returned several weeks later.

Google's reasoning? Amazon insists on not selling rival products from Google, such as the Chromecast streaming device and various Nest smart home products, as well as not making Amazon Prime Video available as a streaming option on Chromecast.

Amazon launched a home-security system to compete with Nest, in October. Google's device is called Chromecast and has 36.9 million United States users, according to research company eMarketer, while Amazon's Fire TV has 35.8 million users in the US.

Besides withholding Chromecast and the Home speaker from its store, Amazon has also rankled Google by declining to sell an internet-connected thermostat made by Nest, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc. Unless a truce is reached, YouTube will stop working on Fire TV on January 1.

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'We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon'. Amazon can't claim they didn't see this coming: Google is famously picky about standards when it comes to other people's platforms.

'We've been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services, ' the firm said. But that could change if Amazon's video streaming service starts working on Apple TV, something Apple has said would happen by the end of this year. Amazon Prime Video subscribers already can't use the Google Chromecast to stream to their TVs because Amazon doesn't support it.

Google is hoping to pressure Amazon into selling Google's products by taking away access to the world's most widely watched video service.

Amazon said Google was "setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website", but said they hoped to resolve the dispute.

YouTube was supposed to disappear from the Echo Show Tuesday, although Amazon has previously found ways to make unauthorized versions of YouTube available on that device. Nest is Google's consumer-level home automation company, most notable for their smart thermostats, and has just introduced a new home security system, so Amazon's delisting came at the flawless time for maximum pettiness.

"Through our collaboration with Google, we are expanding our Omnichannel efforts to go beyond stores and online to in-home". Amazon later reintroduced YouTube to the device, but the voice commands it added violated the use terms and on Tuesday Google again removed the service.

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