Bridge Constructor Portal revives Valve's murderous but lovable GlaDOS

Bridge Constructor Portal revives Valve's murderous but lovable GlaDOS

Bridge Constructor Portal revives Valve's murderous but lovable GlaDOS

Publisher Headup Games and developer ClockStone Software, which are responsible for the popular Bridge Constructor, are working directly with Valve for this followup.

Bridge Constructor Portal is also coming to the consoles, but it won't jump through a tear in the fabric of space on those platforms until 2018.

If you wanted to know how unpopular this announcement was, look no further than the video below, which has its like/dislike ratio turned off on YouTube, and the top comment is "please valve make an apologize for your existence". You'll build bridges across Aperture Science-like testing areas, utilizing seemingly every element from the Portal universe from Companion Cubes to the orange and blue goo from Portal 2. Bridge Constructor Portal appears to have been leaked earlier than expected - with a speculated official reveal at the Game Awards later this week. Namely, the next iteration of the Bridge Constructor series featuring portals, Aperture Labs, and series mascot GLaDOS to name a few.

Portal 2 Screenshot

Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience, all under the demanding gaze of GLaDOS. I honestly couldn't tell you. Is this a great use of the Portal world? I suggest you stock up on Advil before playing this one.

Valve's Portal series is returning in two weeks with Bridge Constructor Portal for Windows PC and mobile devices. Console versions will also be arriving next year.

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