Trump Calls On Saudis To Immediately Lift Blockade Of Yemen

Trump Calls On Saudis To Immediately Lift Blockade Of Yemen

Trump Calls On Saudis To Immediately Lift Blockade Of Yemen

"I am going to fight the enemies of the humanity and the enemies of our homeland who are trying hard to erase its identity and destroy its gains and humiliate the Yemenis", said Major General Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's ambassador to the UAE and the former commander of the Republican Guard.

The Saudi-led coalition warned the city's residents to evacuate rebel-controlled areas, as worldwide aid groups warned Monday they were losing the ability to reach civilians in Sanaa. Speaking before the large rally, al-Houthi said that Saleh was "deceived... we hadn't hoped for what happened".

Until recently, Saleh loyalists had been fighting alongside Iran-aligned Houthis in a war against the current president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Fierce clashes broke out in Sanaa last week between Saleh supporters and the Iran-backed Houthis as a fragile alliance between the two sides broke down.

A video circulating online on Monday showed Saleh's body with a gaping head wound dumped in a pickup truck by rebels — a grisly end recalling that of longtime strongman Saleh's contemporary, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, in 2011. But that alliance unravelled over the past week as the former leader reached out to the Saudi-led coalition that has waged an air campaign against the Houthis since March 2015.

Yami called for a serious and resolute stance, and to move at all levels politically, diplomatically and militarily, to form a united Arab front.

Saleh, who ruled in Sana'a from 1978-2012, had a strong following in Yemen, including army officers and armed tribal leaders who once served under him.

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Some 41 Yemeni journalists have been held captive by Houthi fighters at the television station in Sana'a, Al Jazeera reported today.

The extent of Iranian support to the Houthis has been debated, but the US and Britain have assisted the Saudi-led coalition with intelligence and refueling support for its airstrikes.

On Saturday, Saleh offered to "turn a new page" with the Saudi-led coalition if it stopped attacking Yemen and ended its crippling blockade of the country.

In other areas like Fag Attan, Saleh's forces are still surrounded by Houthis. Now his exiled son Ali Ahmed Saleh has vowed to lead anti-Houthi Movement and it is to be seen to what extent he succeeds in winning back the family's influence in shaping the destiny of the country. That helped propel Yemen into the ruinous civil war that has spread hunger and disease among its 28 million people. The ensuing conflict has claimed more than 8,750 lives.

"They obviously care about USA support", Corker said.

Clashes in the Yemeni capital have killed at least 234 people and wounded 400 since December 1, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Tuesday.

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