Russian Federation posts video game screenshot as 'proof' of U.S. helping IS

Russian Federation posts video game screenshot as 'proof' of U.S. helping IS

Russian Federation posts video game screenshot as 'proof' of U.S. helping IS

This time though, the official Twitter account of the Russian ministry of Defence made an accusation on U.S, blaming them for cooperating with ISIS using evidence of a preview of a simulation video game!

In violation of a previously reached agreement, attack aircraft of the coalition entered the airspace over Abu Kamal to hamper the work of the Russian air force, the ministry said in a statement.

Users were quick to notice that one of the images was taken from a video game named "AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron".

Another image was identified by the Russian military research site Conflict Intelligence Team and the investigative website Bellingcat as a shot from footage of Iraq taken in 2016.

Russia's Defense Ministry on Tuesday posted several photos on social media purportedly showing "irrefutable evidence" that the United States was helping Islamic State terrorists.

What's worse is that the Russian state media also broadcasted footage taken from AC-130 Gunship Simulator preview on their news coverage.

"These facts give indisputable evidence that the US, which (pretends) before the world community an irreconcilable fight against global terrorism, in fact provides cover for combat-capable IS units to restore their forces, regroup and be used for promoting USA interests in the Middle East", the statement said.

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The ministry said an employee had mistakenly attached the photo.

The ministry's crop of the image even contained parts of the disclaimer text in the top right-hand corner, presumably left by the developer, which read: "Development footage".

Hours later, the ministry published an updated statement with a different set of images, which it also said proved their claims.

"The claim itself is actually ridiculous", Kofman said, with a laugh. As the Syrian military's campaign outpaced a parallel anti-ISIS offensive by the US and the Syrian Democratic Forces, a mostly Kurdish coalition of Arabs and ethnic minorities, Russian Federation accused the USA of helping ISIS escape as Syrian troops and their allies closed in on Al-Bukamal earlier this week.

The pictures turned out to be screenshots from a video game and old videos shot in Iraq.

"The defense ministry is looking into a civilian employee of one of the departments who attached photos to the defense ministry's statement by mistake", a new statement was quoted by Russian agencies as saying. "So, again that is pretty consistent with what we have seen come out of Russian MoD, as being baseless, inaccurate and you know, completely false", he told a briefing with Pentagon reporters on Tuesday.

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