OnePlus phones include an easily exploitable backdoor

OnePlus phones include an easily exploitable backdoor

OnePlus phones include an easily exploitable backdoor

Earlier this year BLU was revealed to have some serious security concerns, and even OnePlus has had issues revealed. According to a Twitter user Elliot Alderson, some of OnePlus devices come with EngineerMode APK app pre-loaded on them, which acts as a backdoor, giving people root access without the need for unlocking the phone. Intended for internal use only by the company's engineering team to test if devices are working properly, the application has managed to remain on OnePlus devices that have been shipped to consumers-and may present a threat to their security. OnePlus has been shipping a Qualcomm engineering APK (an Android app file) in its devices, which with a few commands, can root a device.

The Engineer Mode APK is capable of diagnosing Global Positioning System, run automated tests, check root status among other things.

The app called "EngineerMode" was recently discovered - and it's supposed to function as a diagnostic app available for manufacturers to easily test hardware components of these devices. It has been found on the OnePlus 5, as well as the OnePlus 3 and 3T. Once the app was decompiled, a password was still needed for the app so that it would give root access to devices. Check the name of native library used to check the code: door...

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As the impending launch of the OnePlus 5T nears, the company has once again found itself the subject of controversy. OnePlus has been alerted to the exploit and CEO Carl Pei has confirmed that the company is looking into it.

For owners of OnePlus devices who are curious to learn if the Engineer Mode app is installed on their device, it is possible to find the app by going to Settings, opening the Apps menu, tapping Menu, and Show System apps. Later, Pei confirmed in a blog post that OnePlus it will scale back on data collection on its devices.

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