Duterte, Philippine President, Boasts He Killed Someone as a Teenager

Duterte, Philippine President, Boasts He Killed Someone as a Teenager

Duterte, Philippine President, Boasts He Killed Someone as a Teenager

"And I'd like to know their names also because I can include them in the immigration barred list".

Duterte insisted that the illegal drug trade was a social problem that had spun out of control, and should be strongly addressed. It was just over a look. "I intend to continue buying these weapons in the future", Duterte told Putin, adding that he was "delighted" by the Russian arms' quality. "Because you are insulting me". "We're even", he said without naming any names.

Speaking to the local Filipino community in the Vietnamese city of Danang on Thursday, r Duterte threatened to slap a United Nations rights rapporteur if he met her and used obscene language to hit back at critics of his deadly drug crackdown.

"The Philippines is a valuable ally of the United States and major recipient of US aid".

Then, in what could only be described as an ironic twist, the firebrand leader offered to host the world summit on human rights, inviting all victims of human rights violations to air their grievances - because who could be a better candidate to host such an event than a man who won the presidential election after promising to kill 100,000 drug-dealers.

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Duterte and Trump's bilateral dialogue did not push through in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Manila and Moscow signed a military deal on logistics, including a contract with a state-owned company for the supply of equipment, during the first-ever visit by a Russian defense minister to the Philippines last month.

The violent leader, who has orchestrated a bloody crackdown on criminals in the country, said he killed someone when he was just 16.

Philippines media reported they had contacted the president's spokesman to confirm whether his comments were intended as a joke.

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