Roy Moore's brother compares sexual conduct allegations to the persecution of Jesus

Roy Moore's brother compares sexual conduct allegations to the persecution of Jesus

Roy Moore's brother compares sexual conduct allegations to the persecution of Jesus

If you are wondering how Alabama voters are reacting to the explosive allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors against Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, we have the first empirical evidence via a one-day poll conducted yesterday by Opinion Savvy for Decision Desk HQ.

The other women say Moore pursued them at the ages of 16, 17 and 18.

Moore explained that he rejects calls for him to recuse himself from the Senate race because he "had nothing to do with this".

Tommy Battle, the mayor of Huntsville, Ala., who's seeking the GOP nomination for next year's governor's race, said, "If the allegations are true, then he does not need to be the Republican candidate for Senate".

Jones' campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Post story.

"When I asked what does he believe the motivation is with these women coming forward, making the accusations they have, again, Jerry Moore says it's money and the Democratic Party, implying that they are doing this because they're being paid in some way, and it is for the objective of derailing or interrupting this campaign", Savidge said.

The former GOP presidential nominee blasted the firebrand candidate in a tweet on Friday, breaking from the more cadenced rebukes of most Republicans.

"I'm prepping my candidate for what he is going to say if he is asked", said one Republican campaign manager for a top 2018 race, who asked to speak anonymously to not draw attention to race. In the event of a win by Jones, the slim Republican Senate majority could get even slimmer.

"The allegations might prove to be just a political ploy", Lipinsky said.

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The state Republican Party has the power to disqualify Moore from the election, according to the Alabama secretary of state.

Ivey said she would vote for Moore, who is up against Democrat Doug Jones in a December 12 special election, but has a policy of not offering endorsements. They also said Ziegler got the facts wrong and ignored the cultural context of the time in which Jesus lived. "Moore is unfit for office and should step aside", he wrote. Luther Strange, R-Alabama, pitting him against Trump, who threw his own support behind Strange.

In interviews since the publication of the story, state officials have said either that they would investigate the claims or raised questions about the timing of the revelations, suggesting the accusers were politically motivated.

"Take Joseph and Mary", he told the Washington Examiner.

Moore said that he did recognize some of the women's names in the Washington Post report but could not remember if he had ever gone on dates with him. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter.

Moore continues to do well with Alabama's evangelicals, who seem as a voting bloc to be prepared to accept virtually anything of late, but he is being outperformed by Trump among every other group.

"The allegations against Roy Moore were from about 39 years ago", Zeigler said.

The race included personal appearances from President Trump, in support of unusual, and former White House strategist Stephen Bannon, backing Moore.

Specifically, Romney referred to Leigh Corfman's allegations, made to the Washington Post, about her 1979 meeting with Moore when she was 14, in which she alleged he drove her to his home in the woods, removed his clothing, told her to do the same, and then began touching her sexually.

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