Uber and NASA partner on flying taxi project Uber Elevate

Uber and NASA partner on flying taxi project Uber Elevate

Uber and NASA partner on flying taxi project Uber Elevate

Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden confirming the development said, " Uber would begin testing proposed four-passenger air-taxi services across Los Angeles in 2020.

Uber and NASA together are to develop a software which will manage "flying taxis" in Los Angeles.

Last year, we took a ride in one of Uber's self-driving cars, and it was an unusual feeling, but streaking across the sky may have it beat. The cost of owning a vehicle can be incredibly burdensome depending on your circumstances, so it's good that we're thinking of ideas on how to make it easier for people to get around, and at a reasonable cost.

You see, drones and other low-altitude "recreational aircraft" are now so prolific in the U.S. that NASA has been working with the Federal Aviation Authority to deliver a "Next Gen" air traffic control system.

According to Uber's own analysis, a 200-mph all electric ride across Los Angeles would be "price competitive" to an UberX ride of the same distance.

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Uber wants to begin testing its flying cars for its Uber Elevate in Los Angeles in 2020. "Uber is actually trying to put this new air traffic system into production".

In both cities, Uber said it plans to form partnerships with construction and real estate companies under its Elevate initiative to develop the infrastructure needed, including vertiports.

In April, Uber first announced that it had already signed on partners to produce the eVTOL aircraft to be used on the network, including Aurora Flight Sciences,Pipistrel Aircraft, Embraer, Mooney, and Bell Helicopter. Holden said the vehicles would let people "fly over LA traffic". The nation's ride-sharing giant wants to begin test flights of a prototype flying auto in Los Angeles in 2020 and hopes to put it into commercial service by 2028. It has previously announced it was partnering with private aerospace companies in pursuit of that goal.

Uber's insistance that this aerial transportation is the future has evidently resulted in a deal with NASA. In February, Bloomberg reported that two former NASA employees, Mark Moore and Tom Prevot, joined Uber to work on aircraft design and traffic management software.

In his statement this week he added that, "UberAir will be performing far more flights over cities on a daily basis than has ever been done before".

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