How 280 characters would've improved the most iconic tweets of our time

How 280 characters would've improved the most iconic tweets of our time

How 280 characters would've improved the most iconic tweets of our time

"Since we saw Tweets hit the character limit less often, we believe people spent less time editing their Tweets in the composer", said Rosen. Even before it did so, users found creative ways to get around the limit.

Only select users had access to the expanded character count during an initial roll out over the past month. During the 280-character tests, that number fell significantly, according to a graph of English-only tweets provided by Twitter.

Which means users can voice their opinions in much longer posts.

Essentially, Twitter seemed to be saying, even if you want to stick to 140 characters in your tweets, we're going to make it hard for you.

Germans have greeted the news that Twitter now permits 280-character missives with twice the tweeting.

Most people have been blessed with 280 characters on Twitter over the past 24 hours. Only five percent of users went above 140 characters during the test, and only 2 percent ever went north of 190 characters.

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A higher character limit for languages with cramming aimed to solve this problem while keeping Twitter's conciseness.

So, it seems 280 characters is good for business.

Perhaps more interesting than the product change itself is Twitter's speed of testing and deployment of a bold update.

And a few notable tweeters were not all too pleased with change. Fortunately, Rosen promises more to come: "We'll continue listening and working to make Twitter easier for everyone while making sure we keep what you love".

The world famous writers post - using exactly 140 characters - attracted a huge response from her fans and followers including other renowned novelists.

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