Trump Eliminates TPS Protections for Nicaraguan Migrants

Trump Eliminates TPS Protections for Nicaraguan Migrants

Trump Eliminates TPS Protections for Nicaraguan Migrants

The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Nicaragua was introduced in 1999 after Hurricane Mitch devastated Central America. "They are hardworking individuals who have substantial roots in this country and have made contributions to our society and local economies".

He called on policymakers in Congress and the administration of President Donald Trump to recognize that Nicaraguans, Hondurans and other TPS holders are vibrant members of their parishes, neighborhoods and workplaces.

"Every 16 hours there is a woman killed in Honduras", said Oscar Chacón from the Alianza Américas, stating the country remains one of the most unsafe places in the world.

Immigration authorities say the TPS program was designed as a temporary humanitarian response to crises in Central America and Haiti, and it was never meant to be a path to permanent residency or US citizenship.

Martínez is a member of a national alliance of organizations that has advocated for the renewal of TPS for all participating countries.

Congress is the only body with the authority to create a path to permanent legal status for TPS holders.

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In March, DHS extended TPS for Haiti by six months, although many interpreted this move as a sign that they opposed the program and would be terminating it this fall.

"People have been here for 25 years", Shannon said, "and for 25 years they have been working with a legal temporary visa".

If Department of Homeland Security secretary nominee Kirstjen Nielsen is confirmed as expected on Wednesday, one of her first major decisions will be what to do about 300,000 foreign nationals living in the USA with a form of temporary immigration status. "These are people who are working, who are paying their taxes, and we hope that when the time comes when they follow this process in the USA, that we will have the opportunity to have a renewal of the Temporary Protection Status or some way to have our countrymen continue to live in this country".

She said the lives of thousands of Nicaraguan families who "help make the United States vibrant" would be disrupted and that both the USA and Nicaragua would be harmed. He plays lacrosse at Ohio Valley University in West Virginia, she said. But they say those problems should be addressed in other ways, and returning migrants can help foster development in their home countries. "That will send them underground, and make them subject to all sorts of abuses, but also without being able to contribute to the economy in the way they have been". There are now about 273,000 US-born citizens whose parents have TPS.

The Washington Post reported Friday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paved the way for TPS to be withdrawn for Central Americans and Haitians by sending a letter to DHS stating that conditions in those countries had improved to the point that people no longer needed protection. "I'm not taking my family to a risky zone".

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