Lamborghini, MIT Debut Electric Concept Car That Is Its Own Battery

Lamborghini, MIT Debut Electric Concept Car That Is Its Own Battery

Lamborghini, MIT Debut Electric Concept Car That Is Its Own Battery

The Terzo Millennio will have an electric motor on each wheel, giving it four-wheel drive and the ability to shift torque where it's needed, when it's needed, helping cornering and traction.

The company is aiming to move away from conventional batteries and so is investigating the potential of equipping the Terzo Millennio with supercapacitors.

New Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept has received a futuristic body design, which is characterized by high parameters of aerodynamics. More than enough reason for Lamborghini to set the focus on the use of lightweight materials in future electric drivetrains.

The Terzo Millennio, as we suspected, incorporates the knowledge MIT has acquired on solid-state battery technology, as well as cutting-edge composite materials - though it does so in an extremely unique way. So it will likely never make it onto public roads in its current form. Italian for "Third Millennium", the electrically propelled machine would seem to point the way forward for Lamborghini design and engineering.

Earlier today, Lamborghini, the premium tier Italian sports vehicle maker showcased a concept auto that literally made us say "wow" within a second.

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The Italian carmaker unveiled the impressive Terzo Millenio concept and elevated its partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create the "super sports auto of the future".

Lamborghini's partnership with MIT - one of the most famous universities in the U.S. - has been underway for a year and is focused on developing and improving the company's future technology. Speaking of which, last month during our chat Reggiani also vehemently snubbed the idea of artificial intelligence in Lamborghinis, so now we don't know what the hell to think. Lamborghini also says putting the motors in the wheels allow 'freedom for designers and aerodynamicists'.

Another innovative feature of the Terzo Millenio is the integration of energy storage technology into its carbon fiber body and structures.

In essence, this virtual driver's aid will allow you to complete a lap of a race track before you even take command of the auto. As Lamborghini points out, this tech allows for confidently using carbonfibre for "high-fatigue" parts, meaning weight savings in regions usually reserved for heavier, more durable materials.

The regenerative system not only would prevent small cracks from growing larger, which ultimately would force owners to replace the damaged piece entirely, it also means cars can be made much lighter.

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