Google To Show Wait Times At Local Restaurants

Google To Show Wait Times At Local Restaurants

Google To Show Wait Times At Local Restaurants

The fact that a restaurant is busy at 3PM on a Thursday afternoon doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to wait ages for service - there may be more staff working, for instance. The box shows the live or historical data labeled as "busy", "usually busy", "usually not busy", etc., along with the wait time.

Of course, wait times aren't just an issue at fine dining establishments.

For example, searching for San Francisco restaurant Michael Mina using a smartphone in Google (goog) search or Google Maps brings up a section titled "Popular times" below the usual restaurant reviews.

For over a couple of years now, Google has been leveraging data from Google Maps' install base to deliver these sorts of insights.

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Diners will soon have a new tool to balance hunger and patience when Google adds a new feature to help dodge long wait times at popular NY restaurants. And this feature could theoretically be applied to the Apple store or Woolworths.

Google premiered a new feature Tuesday that could save you from standing in line for groceries or being shunned by the host at your favorite restaurant.

To see an average wait time, tap on a restaurant's business page. Scrolling left or right will provide a summary of each day's wait times below the hour bars.

Adding wait times is a minor feature upgrade that will at least make my life a little more convenient. Will people start avoiding the places with long wait times and end up raising the waits at the convenient spots that weren't so popular?

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