Microsoft Ceases Production On The Kinect

Microsoft Ceases Production On The Kinect

Microsoft Ceases Production On The Kinect

Microsoft once touted Kinect as an essential component of the Xbox One.

In's interview with Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox Devices Marketing Manager Matthew Lapsen, Lapsen reveals that the Xbox One was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the Kinect.

No further Kinect units will be produced, and remaining stock will be sold until reserves are depleted, the pair confirmed.

Microsoft Kinect, the much-criticised motion-sensor peripheral for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, is officially no more.

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While the Xbox One's improved version of the Kinect allowed for features such as voice commands and hand gestures, the overall reception of the device was still poor. Though Xbox One S and Xbox One X do not have dedicated Kinect ports, you can still use the device on these systems if you have an adapter. This lead to the Xbox One selling more units, but limited the scope of developers keen on working with the Kinect to hit large audiences. An iteration of Kinect technology is also contained in the iPhone X after Apple acquired PrimeSense, the company that Microsoft licensed the 3D tracking technology from for the first Kinect, back in 2013. "And like all product launches, you monitor that over time, you learn and adjust". Will Microsoft continue to profit from the many ways in which the ideas presented in the Kinect were made Microsoft's own with the USPTO?

The original Kinect was released on the Xbox 360 during a time when motion controls were all the rage. That certainly made Microsoft's intentions pretty clear.

Co.Design notes that Kinect's, "core sensor lives on,", and notes that a "Kinect v4-and soon to be, v5 - power Microsoft's augmented reality Hololens". First of all, you needed to have ample space between yourself and the Kinect (not ideal for small apartments, dorms, bedrooms, or any small-ish room in general). The Kinect also proved it is possible to have an low-cost depth camera.

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