HIV-positive school aide accused of sexual assault faces 206 charges

HIV-positive school aide accused of sexual assault faces 206 charges

HIV-positive school aide accused of sexual assault faces 206 charges

About six months after the investigation began, Bell was arrested and charged with assaulting seven boys in June, according to CNN.

The Charles County State Attorney's Office announced Monday a 206-count indictment for Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, a stark increase from the 119-count indictment handed out in late July.

The ex-school aid is accused of sexually abusing his victims at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, at his home and possibly at other locations between May 2015 and June 2017, police said. Some of the alleged sexual assaults were recorded on Bell's cellphone, the indictment states.

Prosecutors added more charges and accusations to an already lengthy indictment of an HIV-positive school aide and track coach in Maryland.

The 30 year old is now facing a total of 206 charges on accusations of sexually assaulting almost 50 underage students at at least seven middle schools and recording it on video.

The state attorney's office said they were not aware of any of Bell's alleged victims testing positive for HIV.

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Police searched his home and his school computer that same day, according to a timeline compiled by the school system. Police know the identities of 28 of the victims, but have not identified 14 victims who are covered in the indictment.

Bell was placed on administrative leave from his position as a track coach in Charles County Public Schools on December 22, 2016, and he was made aware that he was under investigation, according to the school system.

Bell's charges include 22 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, 97 counts of filming child pornography, 6 counts of solicitation of a minor and 5 of attempted transfer of HIV, People reports.

Bell was a coach at various Charles County schools between October 2014 and December 2016.

Bell faces up to life in prison if convicted. He is being held without bond, and a trial is scheduled for January. The State's Attorney's Office strongly encourages parents/guardians to speak with any child that may have had contact with Carlos Bell and immediately report any relevant information to the Sheriff's Office.

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