Real estate agent's fearless shark rescue caught on camera

Real estate agent's fearless shark rescue caught on camera

Real estate agent's fearless shark rescue caught on camera

A Sydney woman has become a social media sensation after she saved a shark that had become stuck in a rockpool.

You're going for a quick dip in an ocean pool and you catch sight of a shark in the water: what do you do?

The video, which shows Melissa Hatheier reaching down to grab the one-metre long shark in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla, has understandably received a lot of attention. "I was feeling sorry for him", she said.

"I jumped in and I thought, 'I reckon I can probably get him out.' And Mum, god love her, called 000 so the police came down as well", Hatheier recalled.

Ms Hatheier then carries it over to the pool's ledge and throws it into the ocean, as huge cheers are heard by those watching on. And they didn't know what to do.

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Footage taken by Ms Hatheier's daughter shows her bravely swimming above the shark trying to figure out a plan of action.

Sydney resident Melissa Hatheier was swimming in a bay near Melbourne, when she stumbled upon a shark. "All in a day's work for a local real estate agent!" says another.

'I thought, you know what - if i can just herd him into the shallows I think I can pick him up. "I just helped the shark relocate to the ocean".

"I picked him up and thought 'he's not even that heavy". She said the shark felt like sand paper. She described holding the shark in her arms as "kind of like a toddler", according to the BBC.

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