You can now stream the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack

You can now stream the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack

You can now stream the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack

And it's influence in the genre is second only to the earlier "Star Wars" in 1977. First of all, (for Blade Runner) we shot 50 nights in the rain on the back lot of Warner Brothers. Sure, it had its flaws in a devilishly slow pace and clunky storytelling, not to mention the now infamous multiple cuts, but "Blade Runner" was nothing short of a visual masterpiece born from the combined genius of director Ridley Scott and cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth. No definitive answer has ever been revealed, but, without giving it fully away, director Denis Villenueve and co-writers Hampton Fancher and Michael Green dispense with any mystery regarding K's status nearly immediately.

What is a Blade Runner?

We are asked to reveal little about the plot, the nature of various characters and how they may relate to the original film. Having wasted my time consuming several of the would-be sequels and spinoffs that have popped up in the 35 years since Blade Runner's release, trust me: Blade Runner 2049 is as good a sequel as anyone could have hoped for. Jared Leto plays her creator, Niander Wallace, an Ozymandias type with a data-enhanced brain but blind eyes. By his side is second-in-command Luv (Sylvia Hoeks), who offers a more emotional, and certainly more terrifying presence than her otherwise well-mannered and reserved boss.

If you loved seeing him break during last week's Saturday Night Live, you'll probably dig this goofy and hilarious interview that Ryan Gosling did with Harrison Ford. This time there is no ambiguity, we know he is a replicant.

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It also doesn't require too much familiarity with the original; if you remember the broad outlines you'll be fine, and the on-screen explainer that opens the movie does the rest of the job. Reviving another beloved character he's known for - Harrison Ford is completely invested in this role and his chemistry with Gosling is essential to some key plot points that make "Blade Runner 2049" even more significant as a sequel. The blurred lines of humanity create an environment ripe for a civil rights movement to rise up from and for replicants (referred to as "ideal slave labor") or perhaps other forms of artificial intelligence. This time, K has a girlfriend in the form of an artificial intelligence. That sentiment is not far removed from most reviews; many are calling the film a "perfect" sequel. They're merely lithographs. Still, they're free, so you can't really complain.

"I feel like that's where this is headed", Gosling responded.

"The thing I will say is that making movies is a laboratory".

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