SNES Classic Sells Out in Minutes at Gamestop

SNES Classic Sells Out in Minutes at Gamestop

SNES Classic Sells Out in Minutes at Gamestop

It probably comes as no surprise that within hours the hardware is already sold out at stores like GameStop and ThinkGeek.

This may sound familiar: Nintendo did a similar re-release of their original home gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, with the NES Classic. The SNES Classic is and will be in equally high demand, and in the months leading up to its release yesterday, its development has been followed by reports both promising and troubling.

The Tracker is alerting its users when the SNES Classic is in stock online at GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, B&H Photo at this time.

The extra cost (over the NES Classic Mini, which was £49.99 at launch) is due to two controllers being bundled with the system this time around.

As a bonus, it also includes the never-before-released "StarFox 2", which unlocks after you beat the first level of its predecessor. An included controller, shaped like the one that came with the 80s original, was included in the box and an optional second could be added for two-player games. Nintendo launched the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, a complete modern-day remake of the groundbreaking system. (Though that is always an option as well.) There's also a "rewind" feature - though it's not particularly easy to use - that you can access to return to an earlier point in a suspended game.

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Re-reviewing all 21 games wouldn't be prudent, but there are some general software highlights to point out. But whether you'll be able to find it in stores is unclear.

First off, Star Fox 2 has a website with a few pages instead, but all other manuals are reproduced nicely as digital PDFs. More of a perk of the online service rather than the definitive way to play classic Nintendo games on the Switch.

Here's a taste of what Caroline and I experienced playing the Super NES Classic Edition.

"I couldn't see what I was doing", she said of the fast and furious racing game.

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