'Blade Runner 2049' Review Round-Up: What The Critics Are Saying

As the world looks nothing as depicted in Blade Runner's 2019, there's no reason to think that the 2049 depicted on screen will resemble what the world looks like when we reach that point.

Brian Brosling Gosling steps into the lead role for Denis Villeneuve's "ravishing visual feast" sequel to Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic.

That "Blade Runner 2049" is a more than worthy sequel to Scott's first film means it crosses the highest bar anyone could have reasonably set for it, and it distinguishes Villeneuve - who's masterminded all of this, somehow, since making "Arrival" - as the most exciting filmmaker working at his level today.

Ladies and gentlemen of the moviegoing public, Blade Runner 2049 simply took my breath away - and if you're prepared and open to it, it'll take yours, too. It would be sweet if Blade Runner could fly to that echelon and Warner Bros. has proven to beat tracking before during the week prior to a pic's opening with Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Women, Dunkirk and of course, It.

"I don't like to do the same thing twice", he told CBC. It's true. Every. Damn.

In a report from AV Club the first two prequels were done by Luke Scott titled "2036: Nexus Dawn" and "2048: Nowhere To Run", which stars Jared Leto as he shows off his new line of androids and aging replicant Dave Bautista demonstrates his remaining strength, respectively. It asked that we, as reviewers, try and refrain from revealing certain spoilers. Don't you dare miss this one.

Read, heed and have a great time.

But Josh Dickey at Mashable sums it up like this: "Blade Runner 2049 is a sci-fi symphony". Before she becomes the victim of their violent and carnal urges, however, she's rescued by Iggy, an escaped military-use Replicant, who dispatches her antagonists in a very messy way. It's a somber meditation on what the events of this story do to K's mind, and if you happen to be thrilled - and you nearly certainly will - that's a pleasing byproduct of a very serious story. Fan service is repugnant.

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Find out for yourself when Blade Runner 2049 is unleashed upon the world October 6. I learned pretty quickly that when a heated game of checkers is going on behind you and the lemonade's a-flowin', it's pretty hard to hear there.

The sound is paramount. But it's the best kind of frustration, the kind that makes you want to do more research.

The "Cleopatra" project is based on Stacy Schiff's best-selling book, "Cleopatra: A Life".

And then - sit up close. Whether it even needs to is up to you.

Seriously, just do 1-2 and go.

Stop it. Do it now.

When K and Deckard finally meet - Gosling and Ford are double dynamite together - the film takes on a resonance that is both tragic and hopeful. Except it's a 35-years-later studio sequel with a lot of plot, which is awkward and risky to write, I know.

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