IPhone 8: called cost smartphone

IPhone 8: called cost smartphone

IPhone 8: called cost smartphone

Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus went on sale last week.

The inclusion of premium glass chassis, faster chipset, enhanced cameras and increased storage on base models on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is the reason why Apple is respectively charging $50 and $30 more than their predecessors. It is not just Samsung that is using higher capacity batteries (compared to the iPhone X) either. We briefly hit on this in 2015 when we wrote an article about how Beats Headphones only cost $17 in parts, but they'll run you $200 or more when you purchase them in-store.

The screen is much larger than the other iPhone's - which were 4.7 inches - making it 5.8 inches on the diagonal.

The new True Tone Display is a nice feature too.

Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff PU says the sensors are the only problem remaining for the iPhone X and that he expects mass production to start the second week of October.

The iPhone X was meant to goose sales in a big way.

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A popular new feature is the facial recognition. Android manufacturers, on the other hand, have generally been racing to stuff bigger batteries into their phones. You can choose the 70% Buyback Jio offer on Amazon.

All of the new handsets sport the new A11 Bionic processor, which Apple claims is less power-hungry than previous chipsets, so all of them should last a whole day at least. Wireless charging is typically slower than corded charging, and requires a plastic or glass back, which can make the phones more fragile. But the jury is still out about whether AR is more than a passing fad.

There's a portion of the iPhone-buying population, probably a substantial portion, that wants to buy the best new iPhone. It's a truly great phone.

Whereas the iPhone 8 Plus design is showing its age, the iPhone X is a bold step forward.

"The iPhone 8 represents an evolutionary upgrade to the tried-and-true iPhone business formula", he added. Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB) has been priced at a whopping Rs 73,000.

Most iPhone buyers do not pay the full freight for the phones.

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