Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic, promises more SNES consoles

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic, promises more SNES consoles

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic, promises more SNES consoles

Nintendo also said that the Super NES Classic Edition, the standalone mini console that was slated to end shipment by the end of this year, will continue to be shipped through 2018.

But this will not be the only retro product Nintendo plans to bring back. This news is especially interesting due to the fact that Nintendo stated that they were not planning on manufacturing more NES Classic units. The Super NES Classic will include 21 pre-loaded games, included the previously unreleased 'Star Fox 2, ' and retails for $79.99. He believes that people do not deserve to pay more than $79.99 Dollars for the game system.

The console, a smaller version of the classic '90s Super Nintendo that comes with 21 preloaded games and goes on sale for $80 on September 29, was available for preorder online with virtually no warning three weeks ago.

Nintendo has announced that more stock for its incredibly popular SNES Mini console will be manufactured in the coming year.

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Did you want to get a Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Edition and couldn't get a preorder anywhere? But phenomenally strong sales and equally strong demand for the SNES Classic Edition, which arrived in stores September 29, forced the company to change its mind.

Earlier, the company made a promise to offer more stock of the SNES Classic, but it did not sound very confident. With today's announcement, it seems the company is keeping its word.

"We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, pricing, timing", reads an Atari statement.

In a fresh press release, Nintendo confirmed that additional shipments of the console will be arriving sometime next Summer. In March, Nintendo launched its latest gaming system - the Nintendo Switch - which works as both a TV-linked console and a handheld portable device.

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