RED Reveals Tech Behind Its Upcoming Holographic Phone Display

RED Reveals Tech Behind Its Upcoming Holographic Phone Display

RED Reveals Tech Behind Its Upcoming Holographic Phone Display

Most of us know RED as the maker of high-end digital video cameras, but the company is looking to get into mobile.

When RED Camera first announced its insane $1,200 Hydrogen smartphone with a "holographic display", a lot of folks wondered how that would actually work.

RED hasn't given an exact release date for the Hydrogen One smartphone, but it's slated to be out some time in the first quarter of 2018. The startup's name seems to be a reference to Princess Leia, who appeared as a hologram in the first "Star Wars" film from 1977. If you were amongst that group, then worry no more as RED has now revealed the display technology to the world, courtesy a report from The Verge. It specializes in providing lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile by taking advantage of breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing. When you combine the angles of the backlight projecting the images on screen, you can produce 3D effects visible by the naked eye. Leia, which bills itself as "the leading provider of light field holographic display solutions for mobile", is a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard Labs.

It just so happens that Leia's YouTube channel contains a video showcasing a promotional video of its holographic display, which could be similar to what we'll see on RED's Hydrogen One smartphone.

Brownlee said that "it definitely wasn't perfect" and it had "some quirks, like light bleeding around the outside of the display" and some stuttering on other content. Joining hands with Leia Inc., the phone has been given a new display screen. Now, RED seems have made a decision to give some clarity regarding the same.

Holographic Leia lives in Red's new phone (not the princess)
Leia is providing its holographic technology for RED Hydrogen

Dubbed the Hydrogen Phone, RED's upcoming $1,195 gadget boasts impressive features such as a Kevlar body, dual-rear cameras, optional titanium sides (for an extra $400) and a complicated sounding modular add-on system that should, somehow, let the phone integrate with RED's cinema-quality camera gear.

"This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a flawless marriage", founder and chairman of RED Jim Jennard said. "Leia brings a very special piece of technology that blends seamlessly with our vision of a ground-breaking and disruptive consumer product". For example, a mapping application could theoretically look like a little model of a city with buildings poking out of the screen.

But don't expect the Hydrogen One to be cheap.

"This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a flawless marriage", says Jim Jannard, Founder, and Chairman of RED.

RED and a small screen technology company named Leia have announced a partnership that will see Leia's technology come to RED's Hydrogen One.

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