Facebook has started testing out Tinder-like features on its social network

Facebook has started testing out Tinder-like features on its social network

Facebook has started testing out Tinder-like features on its social network

Not content with stealing Snapchat features for Messenger and Instagram, Facebook is about to swipe right on Tinder and help you find your next hook up or plan your next guys weekend. So, this is not like the actual Tinder feature, but somehow it will work like that. If you say yes, then the person will be notified with your respond. So is this enticing enough to make us finally use Facebook again? No. This could indeed be used just as a way for friends to chill and hang out. Unlike Tinder, which brings together strangers, the new feature only works with people that are already Facebook friends.The tool appears to rely on artificial intelligence to connect people within their network and is now in beta mode. We believe that Facebook is better with current Friends of Friends and " People you may know" suggestions. According to Motherboard, Facebook is now testing the unnamed feature with a small number of users in parts of Toronto and New Zealand, on both iOS and Android.

If, for instance, you choose to "meet up" with someone but don't actually end up matching with them, it isn't hard to work out what option they chose.

The feature shows users various potential connections on tap of a button asking "get to know (name's) friends", Tech Crunch reported on Friday.

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"People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends", said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement to the publication. Do let us know in the comments? Of course if this takes off we could see Facebook add a service like Tinder Gold to monetize it.

Well lets hope this new connecting feature will be of any help.

Just like with Tinder, you only get connected if both parties are interested in the service. Dubé clicked the notification which brought him to a page featuring photos of people from his friends list with the words, "Want to meet up with [name redacted] this week?" appearing above them. Facebook wants you to socialize more, even in real life.

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