Four additional THAAD launchers to be installed in Seongju on Thursday:MND

Four additional THAAD launchers to be installed in Seongju on Thursday:MND

Four additional THAAD launchers to be installed in Seongju on Thursday:MND

The leaders of Russian Federation and South Korea have condemned North Korea over its latest nuclear test, but still appear far apart on the issue of stepping up sanctions against Pyongyang.

Some construction would be carried out to deploy the four launchers at the site in Seongju, south of Seoul, the defence ministry said in a statement.

In July 2016, Seoul and Washington agreed to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea's Seongju County amid growing tensions spurred by North Korea's ballistic and nuclear tests.

Putin said during a news conference in China on Tuesday that it was important that all parties including North Korea not face "threats of annihilation" and "step on the path of cooperation".

Cheong Wa Dae on Tuesday said President Moon Jae-in plans to bolster pressure and sanctions against North Korea to stop further provocations. In response, U.S. President Donald Trump said "all options are on the table", not ruling out military action. Beijing opposed the us missile defense system in South Korea and called it a "stab wound".

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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Sunday said the USA will answer any threat from the North with a "massive military response". He said it "offers a genuine way to defuse the tensions and a step-by-step settlement".

Trump has also threatened to halt all trade with countries doing business with the North, a veiled warning to China.

He complimented Mr Putin and the Russian government over what he said were diverse efforts to find diplomatic solutions to the problem.

But the nuclear test changed all that. The office said Putin told Moon that North Korea's nuclear and missile programs threatening global peace and security, but emphasized finding a diplomatic solution.

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